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Old Kufic Calligraphy Font

Old Kufic Alphabet

19 Letters


19 Letters

11 Letters Combination

Void of dots and diacritis

Old Kufic Font - Guideline

Kufic Script is the oldest Arabic script which the alphabets have no point in writing even are different in reading. The old Kufic script is an artistic script, therefore sometimes for writing a letter there are several types in writing, so we respect all types and provide them on the keyboard. In this Font we respect the old Kufic script with all variants in writing. For some special letters or words, we provide the same character on the keyboard. 

Orginal Version

This is an original version of the old Kufic Calligraphy

Old Kufic Calligraphy Font

this text is written in an old kufic Calligraphy font

Effect and Style

You will receive an editable PSD file with a variety of styles and effects when you download this font. And there is no need to install any style.